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haha, very cute pictures!!
happy to find you back to blooging since I kinda missed your posts during your holiday break^^
It is amazing to see your cute little boy grow.. time pass so fast..


Wonderful pictures! I'm enjoying them so much. He's such a love!


That splash park looks amazing! We actually do have a climbing structure like the one in your Flickr picture, it's at the Cleveland Zoo. I honestly was rather surprised that it was meant for kids to climb on, it's pretty tall--I've had to rescue my daughter a few times from the top.

Robyn K

I for one like to see the random baby pictures.

You should send the playground pictures to http://playgrounddesigns.blogspot.com/ !
They're always interested in multicultural playground designs!


Just think, next Summer he will be climbing up to the top of that rope structure, while you hover below calling form him to come down!

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